fixed (was: comment subscriptions not working)

Comment subscription problem seems to be solved, but if you’re missing any, please do check your spam folders and whitelist if possible (I’ve put a note to that effect by the checkbox).

If you ever have any technical problems or questions, please feel free to comment anywhere or email me at Thanks.

It’s been pointed out to me that comment subscriptions (for people leaving comments, not people who make the posts) are not working. I will try and figure out what the problem is, but in the meantime, fear not, the auction doesn’t end for a week and a half!

If anyone has any data points, such as “this was working for me and then it stopped on X date,” that would be very helpful. Thanks for your patience, everyone.

This auction is now over. Check out other ways you can support Con or Bust.


  1. I have a stack of subscriptions (through the “subscribe without commenting” function), and haven’t *noticed* any interruption. The last comment notifications I received were shortly before 9AM EST today. HTH.

  2. Hmm. Thanks. This is also useful, I appreciate it.