The Steerswoman Series, by Rosemary Kirstein, with map and jewel-like object

Item Name & Description: Trade paperback editions of The Steerswoman’s Road, The Lost Steersman and The Language of Power, with framed map, including jewel-like object

The complete Steerswoman Series, in trade paperback, including The Steerswoman’s Road (which combines Volume 1, The Steerswoman and Volume 2,The Outskirter’s Secret in a single book); Volume 3, The Lost Steersman; and Volume 4, The Language of Power. I will autograph with or without personalization, as you request.

Also included: a framed map, with attached “jewel” as referred to in the series — an actual example of the actual object from the books.

Steerswoman series, map, jewel
Steerswoman series, map, jewel
Steerswoman page edge damage
Steerswoman page edge damage

Please note: the copy of The Steerswoman’s Road, while unused, does have some some page-edge folding, due to being stored after shifting during shipping.

Starting Bid: $25

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