Wheel of Time ebook cover art prints

Item Name and Description: one of three 14″x16″ prints (image size 12″x12″) of a Wheel of Time ebook cover image, your choice. These prints are not available for sale and have been donated by Tor.com.

These covers were originally commissioned for the ebooks of the series; some have since been used for the trade paperback reissues, and the Memory of Light painting was also used for the hardcover release. Below, you can see some of the images and how they are laid out as a print (click to enlarge). You can see all the covers but AMoL at Tor.com (scroll down), and see how Michael Whelan’s cover is cropped for the ebook cover of AMoL at Macmillan.

Starting Bid: $25.

Shipping: Worldwide.

Other Notes: Three available; top three bids win. Consecutive bids must still increase.


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