Ebook Bundle: The Complete Magic University by Cecilia Tan

Item Name and Description:

This item is the digital bundle of all four Magic University novels, the Spellbinding short story collection, and the recently released Christmas Magic novella (sequel). Winner can choose mobi for Kindle, epub, or PDF format. Files will be sent via email.

Kyle Wadsworth arrives at Harvard not knowing that a) he’s magical, b) this means he needs to attend the hidden magical university inside Harvard called Veritas. Kyle is good-natured and kind and when his magical talents begin to manifest in the realm of sex magic, he finds no shortage of practice partners, not even after he learns of the bisexuality prerequisite for a degree in “esoteric studies.”

The Siren and the Sword is contemporary urban fantasy with lots of hot sex, or maybe it’s contemporary urban sex with lots of hot fantasy, or maybe…hmmm. I don’t know, actually. I guess I’ll have to read it again to decide. And again. And again.”
— Steven Brust, author of the Vlad Taltos series

Bundle includes:

  1. The Siren and the Sword
  2. The Tower and the Tears
  3. The Incubus and the Angel
  4. Spellbinding: Tales from the Magic University
  5. The Poet and the Prophecy
  6. Christmas Magic

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Feminist Erotic Science Fiction from Circlet Press

Item Name and Description:

A lovely start on your library of erotic science fiction published by Circlet Press, including the following three paperback volumes, which happen to each be by authors who are women of color:

  • The Stars Change by Mary Anne Mohanraj
  • Master Han’s Daughter by Midori
  • The Velderet by Cecilia Tan

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Shipping: US/Canada

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