The Silver Eel – one-shot Lankhmar fanzine

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The Silver Eel was a one-shot fanzine devoted to Fritz Leiber and Harry Otto Fischer’s Lankhmar stories. It was published by Robert Barger in 1978. It contains an interview with Leiber, essays by Karl Edward Wagner, Ken St. Andre, Fischer, and others, and artwork by people such as Tim Kirk, Gene Day, and Liz Danforth. (The cover is by Kirk and depicts Leiber as Fafhrd and Fischer as the Grey Mouser.)

I still have 6 extra copies of this. You may bid on one or more copies as you prefer – please specify how many. You do not need to outbid anyone unless and until all 6 copies have been bid on – I will post here if this occurs. If you can number your bids (e.g., “$20 on copy #3”) that would be helpful.

None of these copies have been read and all are in fine shape, though some have a little yellowing of page edges and such.

Starting Bid: 20

Shipping: United States for free, outside the US for an additional donation which could be steep (please ask first)

Other Notes: n/a

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