Fallen London: Firkin of Hesperidean Cider

Item Name & Description: a Firkin of Hesperidean Cider, an in-game item from Fallen London, donated by Failbetter Games.

Hesperidean Cider may just be the secret to immortality, and it’s the most expensive item in Fallen London. Though it’s been in the game from the earliest days, only a handful of players possess it.

This is the chance for one lucky soul to acquire this miraculous drink. Your Fallen London character will acquire a Firkin of Hesperidean Cider. With it in your possession you need never fear Death again — waltz from the Boatman’s clutches and back to Fallen London in a single action! Are your friends suffering from wounds? Then invite them over for a tipple! See their injuries miraculously close!

Be the talk of the Fifth City. Be a Hesperidean.

Starting Bid: $100.

Shipping: n/a.

Bidding is now open and will end Sunday, May 7, 2017 at 4:00 p.m. (time zone conversions, countdown), EXCEPT that last-minute bidding on an item will extend the bidding for that item. More information.

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