Summer shawl

Item Name and Description:

The yarn for this shawl came from the very first Con-or-Bust auction – bids on a piece of paper in the lobby of the Wiscon hotel. It was time to destash it, so I knit most of it up into this shawl and here it is! It’s a cotton-rayon blend, but I don’t remember anything else about the fiber content as I lost the ball band quite a while ago.

Wingspan on it is about 80 inches, but it is lightweight and folds up pretty small.

Starting Bid: $20

Shipping: will ship anywhere

Other Notes: Shipping from Canada so it make take a week or so to get to you.

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Handbound blank book with netsuke-like carving (by Rosemary Kirstein)

Item Name and Description:

Handbound blank book with buckskin spine and  carved netsuke-like bookmark charm.

The cover is highly textured art paper, with a buckskin spine, closed with silk ribbons.  The endpapers have decorative leaf inclusions.   The bookmark is silk, with a wooden carved netsuke-like charm in the shape of a mouse reading a magazine.

The internal paper is standard “parchment” calligraphy paper.

The book is 8.5 x 6 inches.   The mouse is 1 inch tall.

Starting Bid: $40

Shipping: I will ship anywhere in the northern hemisphere

Other Notes: n/a

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hand-painted space necklace by Jeliza

Item Name and Description:

One of a kind space pendant, reverse-painted onto glass and set into a silver-tone alloy bezel. The pendant is about the size of a scrabble tile, and comes with your choice of matching chain or black cord.

Starting Bid: 12

Shipping: north america

Other Notes: Will ship within 3 days.

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29-inch Blue and Pink Plaid Underbust Fashion Corset

Item Name and Description:

This is a homemade pink and blue plaid underbust corset/swiss waist. It is perfect for adding some bold colors to a punk, Rennie, or steampunk outfit. This is a minimally-boned, plastic-boned, costume-type piece. It is NOT intended to offer any waist reduction or drastically change your posture. It is light and easy to wear. It is 29 inches long, which means it would be ideal for a 30-32 inch waist, but could work for a slightly larger waist with looser lacing or a slightly smaller waist over a bulky shirt. The front is 8 1/4 inches tall and the back is 4 1/2 inches tall. I didn’t have any matching laces, so I will include white ribbon for lacing, which can be replaced by the new owner with whatever they prefer.

Additional pictures here: one, two.

Starting Bid: $20

Shipping: Worldwide

Other Notes: Constructed in a household owning cats, dogs, horses, goats, etc. I’ve tried to keep it away from hair, but a few have probably made their way on anyway! If you have any fur allergies, let me know when you provide your shipping address and I will wash it directly before packaging it up.

Bidding is now CLOSED on all items. Here's what to do next.

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