Vampire Hunter D: Message from Mars Kickstarter exclusive comic, posters, pins and stickers

Item Name and Description:

This lot includes:

  • issue 1 of Vampire Hunter D: Message from Mars in the Kickstarter exclusive variant cover by Michael Broussard, unread, bagged and boarded
  • a 7″ X 10.5″ print of the same cover art, minus text, bagged and boarded
  • a set of six stickers featuring the main characters from the comic
  • two pins, featuring Lefty and Cecile
  • three postcard-sized mini-prints featuring panels from the comic

All of these items were exclusively offered during the Kickstarter, and cannot be acquired from the publisher elsewhere, so if you are a Vampire Hunter D fan who missed the KS, didn’t get one of these items, or would like a duplicate, now’s your chance!

Additional photos: one;  two

Starting Bid: $15

Shipping: Worldwide

Other Notes: Will ship within two weeks of auction end.

Bidding is now open and will end Sunday, May 7, 2017 at 4:00 p.m. (time zone conversions, countdown), EXCEPT that last-minute bidding on an item will extend the bidding for that item. More information.

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