Isaac Asimov’s Gold (lettered limited edition)

Item Name and Description:  a slipcased, lettered (“L”) limited edition of Gold by Isaac Asimov. Donated by Harper Voyager.

Gold is a collection of Asimov’s stories and essays; the title story won a Hugo Award for Best Novelette. This limited lettered edition was published by Harper Prism in 1995, and is still shrink-wrapped (this highly-reflective picture of “H” is from last year, because somehow every picture I tried to take this year of “L” was even worse).

Starting Bid: $50.

Shipping: Donated by Harper Voyager, but being shipped by the poster, and therefore if shipping costs will exceed $5, I will ask for a donation of the difference; please let me know if you’d like me to estimate costs.

Other Notes: None.


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