Short Story Critique by Jason Sizemore

Item Name and Description:

Short Story Critique by Apex Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Jason Sizemore

Jason Sizemore will do a thorough critique of one short story (up to 7,500 words) with editing notes on story structure and grammar left throughout the manuscript via track changes. When he returns your story to you, he will include an email detailing what he believes to be the strengths and weaknesses of the story, as well as suggestions on how to make the story stronger. If you have questions about any of his notes, he will be happy to go over them with you, working with you step by step to make your story the best it can possibly be.

Jason is the Editor-in-Chief of Apex Magazine and Apex Book Company. He is also the author of Irredeemable and For Exposure: The Life and Times of a Small Press Publisher.

Starting Bid: $50

Shipping: not applicable

Other Notes: Jason will return your completed critique within two weeks of receiving the story. If for some reason there would be a delay, he will let the writer know as soon as possible.

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