BLACK WOLVES by Kate Elliott (signed)

Item Name and Description: a signed paperback of BLACK WOLVES by Kate Elliott, donated by Orbit.

An exiled captain returns to help the son of the king who died under his protection in this rich and multi-layered first book in an action-packed new series.

Twenty two years have passed since Kellas, once Captain of the legendary Black Wolves, lost his King and with him his honor. With the King murdered and the Black Wolves disbanded, Kellas lives as an exile far from the palace he once guarded with his life.

Until Marshal Dannarah, sister to the dead King, comes to him with a plea-rejoin the palace guard and save her nephew, King Jehosh, before he meets his father’s fate.

Combining the best of Shogun and Vikings, Black Wolves is an unmissable treat for epic fantasy lovers everywhere.

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Shipping: to the United States and Canada only, because of publishing rights.

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The Beatriceid by Kate Elliott (limited edition)

Item Name and Description: A limited edition print copy of The Beatriceid by Kate Elliott (cover art by Julie Dillon, only 100 copies printed), donated by Book Smugglers Publishing.

A stunning new short story, written in verse, set in Kate Elliott’s Spiritwalker Universe

Before Andevai, the waking of dreaming dragons, the war for Europa, and the cruel treachery of the Wild Hunt, cousins Catherine and Beatrice Hassi Barahal were novice students at the Academy. Here, Cat and Bee learned of mathematics and politics, history and storytelling. But not all stories are told or remembered in the same way–particularly where the tale of Dido and Aeneas, and the fate of Carthage and Rome are concerned.

To the victors go the spoils–only this time, it is the gilded-tongued Bee and the quick-footed Cat who will collect the winnings.

Set before the start of Cold MagicThe Beatriceid is a brand new, standalone short story written in Iambic Pentameter that reimagines The Aeneid in a feminist, Phonecian light.

This limited edition is out of print.

Starting Bid: $10.

Shipping: Worldwide.

Other notes: None.

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