ARC of Kij Johnson’s Sept. 2017 novel The River Bank

Item Name and Description: In this delightful dive into the bygone world of Kenneth Grahame’s The Wind in the Willows staunch Mole, sociable Water Rat, severe Badger, and troublesome and ebullient Toad of Toad Hall are joined by a young mole lady, Beryl, and her dear friend, Rabbit. There are adventures, a double kidnapping, lost letters, a series of sensational novels, two (threatened) marriages, and family secrets. (Donated by Small Beer Press.)

At least three authors have produced sequels: Johnson is the first woman to do so.

The River Bank will have color endpapers, and chapter and more than 40 incidental illustrations by award-winning artist Kathleen Jennings.

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Shipping: USA

Other Notes: none

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