Tea and Advice with Rose Fox

Item Name and Description:

Publishers Weekly senior reviews editor Rose Fox will take you out for tea (or an equivalent beverage) and at least an hour of advice and conversation on anything related to publishing. (Top four bids all win!)

Rose will gladly share their expertise on topics including finding an agent, navigating trad publishing, self-publishing, crowdfunding, writing, revising, fixing story problems, assembling a collection or anthology, freelance writing and editing (within and outside of the genre), book reviewing, balancing a day job with creative work, organizing successful and safe conventions, and thriving within the publishing industry and SF/F community as a marginalized person.

In addition to writing and editing SF/F, horror, romance, and erotica book reviews for PW since 2002, Rose coedited the anthology Long Hidden, which was crowdfunded with a very successful Kickstarter and was a finalist for the Locus Award and World Fantasy Award. They spent many years as a freelance book editor and copy editor, working with indie authors and major nonfiction publishers. They also write Story Hospital, a thoughtful, compassionate advice blog for writers. They were program chair of Readercon for three years and drafted Readercon’s extremely comprehensive current safety policy and procedures.

Rose lives in New York City and will be at Readercon in 2017 and 2018. Face-to-face tea dates can happen at either of these places. If you live elsewhere or can’t do an in-person tea date for any reason, virtual tea dates over text chat or video chat can be arranged.

Starting Bid: $50

Shipping: n/a

Other Notes:  Rose is queer, genderqueer, disabled, Jewish, and eager to support marginalized people within SF/F, especially people of color, queer and trans people, disabled people, people with low incomes, people early in their writing/editing careers, and young people, so the starting bid is low and the top four bids will win. If bidding goes over $100 but is still within your budget, please consider gifting this opportunity to someone who would greatly benefit from it but has limited funds.

(Mod note: Four offers available; top four bids win. Consecutive bids must still increase.)


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