Farscape script, signed, & a piece of Moya

Item Name and Description:

If you missed out on this during last year’s auction, here’s your chance:

An actual piece of Moya and a signed Farscape script of your choice!

  1. A piece of Moya! From the set of Farscape: a section of Moya’s rib covering. Rigid foam, approx. 4 x 5.5”, hand-painted in Moya’s distinctive metallic gold and copper coloring. Signed (and inscribed if desired) by Ricky Manning on the back.
  2. A Farscape final shooting script, autographed (and personally inscribed, if desired) by Ricky Manning. Your choice of any one of these episodes penned by Ricky:
  • “Throne for a Loss” (Ep. 104)
  • “Nerve” (Ep. 119)
  • “Mind the Baby” (Ep. 201)
  • “Won’t Get Fooled Again” (Ep. 214)
  • “Season of Death” (Ep. 301)
  • “Incubator” (Ep. 311)
  • “Terra Firma” (Ep. 413)

And this worked out great last year, so let’s do it again this year:

The top two bidders will each get a script & Moya piece, so we’ll have Double Winners!

Starting Bid: $50

Shipping: Worldwide, as long as USPS Priority Mail will deliver there

Other Notes: [Mod note: two available; top two bids win. Consecutive bids must still increase.]

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