Personalized copy of REBEL, The Change #3, by Rachel Manija Brown and Sherwood Smith

Item Name and Description: Rachel Manija Brown and Sherwood Smith will decorate and personalize a copy of REBEL,  the forthcoming third book in the YA Dystopia series THE CHANGE.

Welcome back to Las Anclas, a frontier town in the post-apocalyptic Wild West. In this perilous landscape, a schoolboy can create earthquakes, poisonous cloud vipers flock in the desert skies, and the beaches are stalked by giant mind-controlling lobsters.

The tyrant king Voske has been defeated, but all is not peaceful in Las Anclas. Ross’s past comes back to haunt him, Jennie struggles with her new career, Mia faces her fears, Felicite resorts to desperate measures to keep her secrets, Kerry wonders if Las Anclas has really seen the last of her father, and shy Becky Callahan may hold the key to a dangerous mystery.

In Rebel, long-held secrets of past and present are revealed, family ties can strangle as well as sustain, and the greatest peril threatening Las Anclas comes from inside its walls.


Starting Bid: 10.00

Shipping: anywhere

Other Notes: Book comes out mid-May, so as soon as we obtain our copies, we will send it out.

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