Farscape script, signed, & a piece of Moya

Item Name and Description:

If you missed out on this during last year’s auction, here’s your chance:

An actual piece of Moya and a signed Farscape script of your choice!

  1. A piece of Moya! From the set of Farscape: a section of Moya’s rib covering. Rigid foam, approx. 4 x 5.5”, hand-painted in Moya’s distinctive metallic gold and copper coloring. Signed (and inscribed if desired) by Ricky Manning on the back.
  2. A Farscape final shooting script, autographed (and personally inscribed, if desired) by Ricky Manning. Your choice of any one of these episodes penned by Ricky:
  • “Throne for a Loss” (Ep. 104)
  • “Nerve” (Ep. 119)
  • “Mind the Baby” (Ep. 201)
  • “Won’t Get Fooled Again” (Ep. 214)
  • “Season of Death” (Ep. 301)
  • “Incubator” (Ep. 311)
  • “Terra Firma” (Ep. 413)

And this worked out great last year, so let’s do it again this year:

The top two bidders will each get a script & Moya piece, so we’ll have Double Winners!

Starting Bid: $50

Shipping: Worldwide, as long as USPS Priority Mail will deliver there

Other Notes: [Mod note: two available; top two bids win. Consecutive bids must still increase.]

Bidding is now CLOSED on all items. Here's what to do next.


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  1. Yrxam, sorry, you may not have seen the prior bid, but even though there are two sets available, consecutive bids must still increase. Please feel free to re-bid! Thanks.

  2. $130.00

  3. $160

  4. $185.00

  5. $200

  6. $205.00

  7. 225.00

  8. THANKS to all bidders and CONGRATULATIONS to Adam M & NeuroCloneHarv. You are ALL awesome!

  9. They ARE all awesome but bidding isn’t over yet: a bid after 3:50, and now a bid at 4:04, means bidding is open until 4:20! So hold onto your hats, metaphorical or otherwise. . .

  10. Whoops, belay that. Apparently we aren’t quite done!

  11. On the assumption that we’re into auto-extended deadline…

  12. Inconceivable!
    (And Kate, you are the MOST AWESOME OF ALL.)

  13. Nice princess bride reference Dr. Froonium

  14. $237.00

  15. $250

  16. $251.00

  17. $256

    Nice to see all this love for Farscape. :)

  18. $257.00

  19. Has bidding officially ended? ?

  20. Yes, it has! Thanks so much, everyone!

  21. Great cause and auction! Thank you Froonium and Kate! Can’t wait to get the “Won’t get fooled again” shooting script and piece of Moya! Thanks again!

  22. Nice pull on the 1812 Adam.

  23. Okay, TAKE TWO!
    THANKS to all bidders and CONGRATULATIONS to Adam M & NeuroCloneHarv. You are ALL awesome!
    And given that the top THREE final bids are all $250 or greater, I’m gonna go ahead and offer a THIRD script & Moya bit to Matthew Henry if he’s interested!
    WELL DONE, everyone!

  24. Sweet! How could he pass!?! #FarscapeForever!

  25. Frell yeah I’m interested kind sir.

  26. Well, then, Kate, we have ourselves THREE winners and $763 heading into the coffers!


  27. Y’all are the best. Thank you so much.

  28. Thank you!

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