MJ-12: INCEPTION in hardcover and an ARC of MJ-12: SHADOWS, both signed by Michael J. Martinez

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If you like your Cold War spies with superpowers, these books are for you. MJ-12: Inception tells the story of a group of average Americans suddenly imbued with extraordinary abilities — and recruited to fight on behalf of the mysterious MAJESTIC-12 project on behalf of America during the Cold War. From Berlin to Istanbul, from Area 51 to Prague, these so-called “Variants” must stymie agents of the Soviet Union — agents who may possess their own fearsome powers.

The story continues in MJ-12: Shadows (due out in September). The Variants must go to Syria to keep the Soviets from gaining easy access to the Mediterranean, as well a key oil pipeline. In addition, the sudden death of a key MAJESTIC-12 figure casts the shadow of suspicion over all Variants. Can they clear their names before the Soviets orchestrate their own masterstroke?

MJ-12: Inception is in hardcover, while the ARC of MJ-12: Shadows is in paperback. Both signed by Michael J. Martinez.

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