The Lost Steersman by Rosemary Kirstein, trade paperback. Volume 3 of the Steerswoman Series, with map

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The trade paperback version of The Lost Steersman¸ Volume 3 of the Steerswoman Series, with a map printed on parchment calligraphy paper.

The steerswoman Rowan has discovered that the fall of the Guidestar and the massacre of Outskirter tribes were caused by one man: the secret master-wizard, Slado. But until now, no steerswoman had known of his existence, nor knew that the wizards answered to any single authority. Now, Rowan must find him.

She comes to the seaside town of Alemeth, where centuries of records might help her find clues for her search. Then, an unexpected encounter with a lost friend: Janus, a steersman who had resigned his membership in the Steerswomen, giving no explanation. Rowan has hope for help in her search — but Janus has changed. The bright intellect is now shrouded in a dark, shattered spirit…

Then death comes to sleepy Alemeth, monsters from the Outskirts, and Rowan can not help but wonder: are all these strange events connected?

“An original and fascinating take on the tensions between science and belief, observation and expectaion, courage and fear. Highly recommended.” — Suzy McKee Charnas, author of Motherlines and Walk to the End of the World.

“Kirstein’s striking portrait of an innovative woman who is scientist, judge, historian, and adventurer makes for a good, thought-provoking read.” — Publisher’s Weekly

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