A Complete Set of Five Bordertown Anthologies

Item Name & Description: Terri Windling and Deb Manning are offfering a complete set of the five anthologies in the Bordertown Series (YA Urban Fantasy), including three rare out-of-print volumes. The Borderland Series, created by Terri, was one of the pioneering works of Urban Fantasy back in the 1980s, recently updated with a new volume, Welcome to Bordertown, edited by Holly Black & Ellen Kushner (2011).

Here’s what the set includes:

* 1 paperback copy of Borderland (2nd edition, Tor Books, 1992, now out of print). This is a new (not used) copy of the book, but it’s been in storage for many years–it’s not pristine, but it’s in good condition.

* 1 paperback copy of Bordertown (2nd edition, Tor Books, 1996, now out of print). This, too, is new but has been in storage, and is in reasonably good condition.

* 1 paperback copy of Life on the Border (1st edition, Tor Books, 1991, now out of print). This is a used copy of this rare book, with a cracked spine. (It was Terri’s personal copy, and got a lot of use over the years!)

* 1 trade paperback copy of The Essential Bordertown (1st paperback edition, Tor Books, 1998). This is a new copy from storage, in good condition.

* 1 trade paperback copy of Welcome to Bordertown (1st paperback edition, Random House, 2012). This is a new book (one of Terri’s author copies), in very good condition.

Click to enlarge.A Complete Set of Five Bordertown Anthologies

“Truthful, realistic, and diverse… More progressive, complicated and adult than many other YA books, and that’s a good thing… Characters deal with everything, from racial tensions (which applies to human constructions of race as well as to fights between elves and humans) to discovering their sexuality to homelessness.This is fantasy for readers who are sick of Eurocentric dragon-and-princess stories. This is fiction for those who want to find characters who are more truthful, realistic and diverse than in mainstream YA.”  – TeenReads

“Bordertown is one of the most important places where Urban Fantasy began.”  – Neil Gaiman

Starting Bid: $25.

Notes: The first four books will be coming from storage in Arizona, and Deb will send them out to the winner. Welcome to Bordertown will be coming from Terri’s studio in Devon, England, and she can personallt inscribe it to the winner (or to whomever) upon request. We’re willing to ship these anywhere.

Bidding is now open and closes Sunday, February 24, 2013 at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time. More Information.

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