Froonium’s Farscape Fan Package (1/3): autographed shooting script, magazine, promo cards

Updated February 10, 2013, 2:43 p.m.

Item Name & Description: Batch of VERY rare Farscape items (1/3): autographed shooting script, magazine, promo cards

  1. Farscape “Season of Death” final shooting script, autographed (and personally inscribed, if desired) by Richard Manning. Includes a photograph of the whiteboard upon which Ricky broke the (complicated) story.
  2. Cinefantastique magazine, April 2001 (Vol. 33 #1+2). Special Farscape double issue with 70 pages of behind-the-scenes photos, articles, and cast & crew interviews by Anna L. Kaplan. Topics include makeup, writing, Creature Shop, puppeteers, costumes, production design, composing, season 1 and 2 episodes guides, and lots more.
  3. Four* 8½ x 5½” promotional cards, each showing both a Farscape character and an out-of-makeup inset of the actor playing that character: Crichton (Ben Browder), Aeryn (Claudia Black), Zhaan (Virginia Hey), and Chiana (Gigi Edgley). Printed in Australia, these are a very rare find in the U.S.

    (*Sorry; I ran out of D’Argo cards! I’ll throw in a Surprise Farscape Something** instead.)

    (**And it won’t be the cat, who’s included in the photo merely for scale reference.)

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script, magazine, cards (cat)

Starting Bid: $10

Notes: Shipping to U.S. and Canada only.

Bidding is now open and closes Sunday, February 24, 2013 at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time. More Information.


  1. Bidding the first $10 :)

  2. $25.00

  3. Dear bidders, please check the updated listing for a small change; anyone who wishes is free to withdraw their bid, just comment, no hard feelings.

  4. I bid $30.00 :-)

  5. Nivair, are the notifications fixed?

    If so, an apology to everyone else subscribed with the best thing I’ve seen on Tumblr, a post which reads in its entirety:

    “in all my life, I have never encountered such an astounding act of trolling as the time I spent an hour and a half downloading what I thought was a Good Omens fanmix and then discovering that it was a Best of Queen album.”

  6. is this a first draft script or is it one of the many copies out there? And if so, how many copies of this draft are there?
    Thanks for the great shows!!!

  7. al cappelli — Thanks for watching, and bidding! The script is a “final shooting script,” meaning that it contains all the revisions I did over the course of filming, but I then reformatted and repaginated the script to eliminate all the A-pages and change markers and other junk, then printed it myself (double-sided, to save a tree). So, in one sense, it’ s unique… but it’s also not an “actual” script from the show in the sense that it wasn’t distributed by the Script Department back in the day, with colored revision pages, on A4 paper (Oz, you know), and all that.

    I really don’t know how many copies of this script, in any stage, exist “in the wild”… I know Creation & Henson had made SOME episode scripts available to buy way back when, but I don’t think they’re still available, and I don’t believe “Season of Death” was one of ’em. So I’d guess there aren’t many.

  8. And while I’m here… I gather that our estimable hostess Kate doesn’t have a minimum-bid-increase policy in place, but speaking just for myself, all these penny raises are making my head hurt.

    So I’ll tell you what: to encourage some bigger raises and some beefier bidding, I make this pledge: IF the WINNING BID is at LEAST $2 MORE than any other bid, I’ll throw something EXTRA into the package… dunno what; it’ll be a surprise. Hm, maybe I’ll throw in a FIRST draft of the script so the winner can compare & contrast. Who can say?

  9. $48.00


  10. Thanks–I figured people were having fun since there’s about a week to go, but the penny raises were making me sad. =>

  11. Yes, having fun with the bidding since there was a week to go. The real bidding most likely will start later in the week. Sorry that it made you sad Kate and Ricky.

  12. No worries, karen. Fun is a nice bonus where it can be managed.

  13. Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. I just found this show about 3 months ago on netflix and instantly fell in love with the series and Aeron Sun.
    I watched it in about 1 month, then I had to purchase the entire series and the ending movie, so I’m still in the new stages of fan-dome…lol…
    Thanks to all who helped make this great series!!!! I want more!!!

  14. al cappelli — A NEWBIE! Excellent! We love newbies. Go thou, spread the gospel, and lure in more Farscape virgins.

    Oh, and watch CULT on Tuesdays on the CW starting tonight. The guy who created it is awesome.

  15. I’m there Ricky!!! I broke my back 10 years ago and am on disablity ever since. I was a workaholic back before that so I’m sorry I missed it, but I’m also glad because I got to enjoy it in a rapid fashion. I’m almost 52 and a die hard SIFI fan for life. Please keep them coming!!!
    Some of my fondest childhood memories were watching Star Track on the bunk beds and eating sunflower seeds with my eyes as wide open as my mind.
    As for the penny bids, it gets us on the email list so we can be abreast of the bidding….and also being broke….lol…

  16. Star Trek….sorry….hahahahahah pop goes the virgin….lol….

  17. Hi Al

    Glad you found it now. I can remember “rushing home” on Fridays from work to see the next showing during it’s run on the Scifi network. The “rushing home” was a three and half hour drive
    from my office to my actual home. It was not my home but my friend’s home that I went to, since I did not get the scifi channel at mine. There we would have ribs for dinner with the fixings. It was a great way to start the weekend.

  18. Oh, Ricky you have something that make my heart skip a beat :P. Production stuff. Not just any production stuff, but FARSCAPE PRODUCTION STUFF. So I bid 1083 crindars. I believe at todays converstion it should come out to around $75.00 usd. I hope an intergalatic money order will be acceptable.

    Seriously $75.00 is my starting bid. THanks!!

  19. I’m bumping mine up to an even $95

  20. Dang Lynn ;) congrats!

  21. Actually Linz, I think you won it. Per the instructions above – Bidding is now open and closes Sunday, February 24, 2013 at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time. And you were at 11:59 pm.


  22. Linz is indeed the winner with $100 even. Thank you so much, everyone.

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