Merge/Disciple and The Gift of Fire/On the Head of a Pin by Walter Mosley

Item Name & Description: The Gift of Fire/On the Head of a Pin and Merge/Disciple by Walter Mosley (hardcovers). Each of these is two short speculative fiction novels in one book, the first two volumes in the series Crosstown to Oblivion.

book cover In The Gift of Fire/On the Head of a Pin, Prometheus “walks from [his] immortal prison into present-day South Central Los Angeles,” and two researchers, attempting “to create high-end movies indistinguishable from live-action . . . discover something lingering in the rendered footage.” Publishers Weekly said that this bok “demonstrates [Mosley’s] proficiency with high-quality speculative fiction and are equally accessible to mystery and fantasy readers. . . . Fans of thoughtful, subtly eerie present-day fantasy will eagerly await future Crosstown to Oblivion novellas.” Read an excerpt.

book coverIn Merge/Disciple, a lottery winner “notices something in his apartment that at first seems ordinary but quickly reveals itself to be from a world very different from our own”, and a data-entry clerk receives a bizarre instant message and becomes a corporation in a matter of days, only to realize that “he has become a pawn in a much larger game with unimaginable stakes—a battle that threatens the prime life force on Earth.” This was an NPR Best Book of the Year. Read an excerpt.

Starting Bid: $10.

Notes: Donated by the publisher, Tor Books.

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