Mint 1st Edition Rivers of London signed however you like.

book cover Mint 1st Edition Rivers of London 1st edition copy of Rivers of London from the author’s (that’s me) own bookshelf. I will sign it however you request.

Starting Bid: $3 (US).

Bidding is now open and closes Sunday, February 24, 2013 at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time. More Information.


  1. Here is some more information about this book! Note that its U.S. title is Midnight Riot and the UK 1st ed. (which this is) is hardcover not paperback.

    Also of interest is this review posted at the LiveJournal community deadbrowalking.

  2. $100

  3. Hi

    I think I’ve been successful here – can you let me know if I have?

    I bid $110.00

    Kind regards

    Moira watts.

    I’m happy to pay ASAP!!

  4. Moira, you have, congratulations! See “The auction’s over, now what?”, over in the sidebar.

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