Reminders: request assistance TODAY for April-June cons; free memberships

Three reminders for fans of color/non-white fans interested in attending SFF cons:

First: today, February 25, is your last day to request assistance from Con or Bust to attend cons in April, May, and June.

Second: Balticon (May 24-27, 2013, Hunt Valley, Maryland) and The Steampunk World’s Fair (May 17-19, 2013, Piscataway, New Jersey, USA) have donated free memberships to Con or Bust; request them through the above link.

Third: last-minute memberships are still available to Emerald City Comicon (March 1-3, 2013, Seattle, WA, USA) and EightSquaredCon, The 2013 Eastercon (March 29-April 1, Bradford, UK). For these memberships only, use this Google Docs form, first-come first-served.

Please spread the word!


  1. Oh dear, I missed the date on this! For reference, though, could I ask whether vidding cons/similar fandom cons fall under the auspices of Con or Bust? (I’m looking at going to one in May.)

  2. Depends on whether they have significant SFF programming. We’ve sent people to Escapade before, for instance.

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