Seven Clean Dragons

Item Name & Description: Seven Clean Dragons

Starting Bid: $20

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Seven Clean Dragons

Notes: This is my personal recipe handmade soap. In the picture are in order: Lemongrass, Banana Leaf and Acai, Sandalwood, Apple, and Unscented. There will also be a Honeysuckle scented bar (yellow) and a Blackberry scented bar (blue). Those two have been made but are not yet finished curing. Curing cold process soap takes a month so everything will be ready to ship by March 5th. I will ship within the U.S. (priority mail). See for more information on my soap.

Update 2013-02-09: Umm… A goat’s milk dragon has seemed to join the bunch. I fear increased bidding will only make them more restless.

Update 2013-02-10: As promised pictures of the rest of the dragons: Goat’s milk, Lily of the Valley, Honeysuckle, Blackberry.

Yes, that’s right! A Lily of the Valley dragon has heard about the excitement and joined the party. The honeysuckle and blackberry will be boxed the same once they are finished curing.

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Update 2013-02-12: A new dragon has joined the mix. This dragon is much like the unscented dragon but with unrefined shea butter rather than the usual refined. This makes it a bit nutty.

Bidding opens on Saturday, February 9, 2013 at 12:01 a.m. Eastern Time and closes Sunday, February 24, 2013 at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time. More Information.


  1. So pretty! Makes me wish I liked scented soap.

  2. Post updated with new pictures!

  3. Zie who hesitates is lost– was I too late hitting Submit?

  4. Zelda–yes, I’m sorry. I realize it seems arbitrary to invoke the time difference of a minute when you weren’t apparently in a hot bidding war, but it wouldn’t be fair to the next bidder (who may, after all, have been keeping an eye on things as the clock ticked over).

  5. No, that’s fair. Well, next year– there will be a next year, right, KarlSoap? *hopeful look*

  6. Zelda, I would like to have a next year. If you check out my website (click on my name), you’ll see I do still have lots of soap. The issue is dragons. I don’t make them every batch and I save some for family and friends. I didn’t decide to contribute ’till the last minute so I had to root through my stuff to get a wide variety of dragons. A bunch of them are the last ones available of their batches. In order to round out the group and have a nice variety of colors as well as scents, I had to make a few more at the last minute and since cold process soap takes a month to cure, that pushed the shipping date out to March 5th.

    Kate, do you have a list of people to contact? If you give me a heads up those couple months beforehand, I’ll be able to make a contribution, ship earlier, and hide how scatterbrained I am.

  7. I do have a list and I have put you on it! Thanks so much.

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