The auction’s over, now what?

Bidding is now CLOSED on Con or Bust’s auction! (This is set to auto-publish at 12:00 a.m. on February 25.) The high bid that shows as posted on February 24 wins; if there are two bids for the same amount, the first that was posted will win. If there’s any doubt as to who the winner was (or winners were), please leave a comment and I will respond.

(Edit: a provision from prior years that I forgot to mention: a seller may, where practical and in their sole discretion, offer multiple copies of an item to higher bids that were technically late (or to losing bids, for that matter). This would be an act of extreme generosity on their part and is, again, entirely optional; don’t make me frown disapprovingly at anyone over the Internet.)

If you’ve won, congratulations and thank you! You can pay with either a credit card or a PayPal account by clicking on this button:

On the “review your donation” screen, please click “Add special instructions to the seller,” indicate that this is payment for an auction item or items, and specify which. (It’s fine to lump things together.) When I receive notification of your payment, I will email your seller and tell them you’ve paid, with a cc to you.

Important: if your item needs to be shipped and you do NOT want the seller to use the address that PayPal has for you, please say so! Otherwise I will simply forward the address in the PayPal email to the seller.

(Edit: in response to a question: if your PayPal email address is different from the one you used to comment, it would make my life easier if you’d also include that in the “special instructions”; if you run out of room, just tell me you’re going to email me with the details.)

If you don’t quite remember what you bid on, you can use the search field over in the sidebar to search the comments for your name, which will return all the posts you commented on. If that doesn’t work, you can leave a comment here, using the same email address that you bid with, and I will email you once I’ve got my spreadsheet sorted out.

Eventually I will be closing comments on the old posts to deter spammers and avoid confusion in future auctions, but you can always leave comments here or email with questions or problems.

Thank you all again!


  1. Thanks for all the work you put into organising this!

  2. Thank you Kate!

    One question — I’m failing at using the sidebar. Searching for my name doesn’t return any comments I made; it only returns the post Zelda made offering the scarf made from my handspun.


  3. Thanks and kudos, Kate.

  4. Hi! i’m having trouble using the button to send my payment. It just links to Paypal, but doesn’t fill in any info for the Con or Bust fund. What’s the address that we should be sending the Paypal donation to? Thanks! :)

  5. Saira, if I search for “Saira” it turns up the fountain pen post first? You have to use what you put in your comment (edit: and sometimes you only used your first name, is what I meant).

    Rebecca, I’m not sure how I managed to break that but I think it should be working now. If it’s not, I haven’t messed with the one on the “Support Con or Bust” page in the menu across the top, so try that. Thanks for bringing it to my attention, and my apologies.

  6. Kate – Works great, now! Thanks for organizing all this! :)

  7. Kate–thanks again for organizing all this; I’m really glad to have had an opportunity to help out! For those of us who put items up for auction, should we wait to receive confirmation of donation from you to mail our item(s)?

  8. Mara–unless you’ve received a forwarded confirmation email straight from your winner (who has your email . . . somehow . . . previously I had sellers post their addresses so I didn’t have to be the person in the middle, but I did away with that for privacy reasons this year).

    I am forwarding confirmations now and hope to never be more than 12 hours behind (I had to get all my spreadsheet squared away with the winners before I could get going).

  9. Thanks so much for organizing!

    Question: do I need to ping whoever won my auction to let them know they won? I can’t seem to reply to the bid comments…

  10. Oyce–yikes! What’s the error message you’re getting?

    I’m letting the first couple days pass and then I’ll start nudging people with “hey, you won!” comments/emails. Of course you may if you like (and you can), but you don’t have to.

  11. Yup, that did it. I was searching for SairaAli (my LJ username doesn’t have a space). Oops!

  12. If we won multiple auctions, do we make one payment for all of it or do we make a separate payment for each auction?

  13. Paige, one payment is fine. Thanks.

  14. I have a question: how much extra should we include for postage?

  15. Depends on the item! I see that you’ve won two things, one for which the shipping is included and one for which additional is needed outside of North America, which if that applies to you, you should email me ( so I can contact the seller and they can work out what’s required.

  16. Naah, I’m in North America — Thank you!

  17. Comments are working on the main post! I think we can’t reply to comments, though? So I wasn’t sure if the winner would see it.

  18. Comments aren’t threaded, if that’s what you mean, and there’s no way to tell if someone is subscribed to the post’s comments or not, but it can’t hurt to comment if you want. Like I said, in a day or two I’ll start emailing winners I haven’t heard from yt.

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