The Wood-Gnome Book

Item Name & Description: This is an original hand-bound blank book, one of a kind. The design is inspired by characters and events in the Steerswoman Series.


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The interior paper is handmade by me, from recycled materials.


Although I treated the paper surface for writing and drawing, it’s very rough-textured and quirky. Works well with fountain pen and illustration pens, if you don’t mind a bumpy ride. Colored pencil uses the texture to good advantage. I have not tested for watercolor.


I include extra loose scraps of the same paper, for you to test your inks, pens, watercolors or pencils.

The cover is textured art paper, trimmed with frayed silk ribbon and carved wooden beads. Endpapers are papyrus.


Book size is 4.5 inches x 6 inches (11.43 cm x 15.24 cm)

I include with this book: a sheet of the same handmade paper, printed with a brief tale explaining why this is called the Wood-Gnome Book; and a copy of the British edition of The Steerswoman, in which we first meet the wood-gnomes.


Starting bid: $25

Note: I will ship anywhere in the world. North America gets Priority Mail; other international will be via first class mail, which will take somewhat longer.


Bidding is now open and closes Sunday, February 24, 2013 at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time. More Information.


  1. I’d feel bad about abusing my modly powers to put in the first bid, except I know I’m getting outbid in the end.


  2. Since I’ve already enjoyed many handmade books generously given me by Rosemary back when she had more time to exercise her many secondary talents, I really should let someone else have this one. But I can’t resist bidding. I mean, it has a turtle on it. What could be cooler than that?


    And I hope the rest of you will combat my book grab fiercely! ; )

  3. I do like me some turtles . . . .


  4. I will cheerfully bid $60

  5. h times nu equals e

    After shoveling snow for one hour, on to the next item on my todo list:

  6. h times nu equals e

    Crap, I posted in Euro. Shoveling == bad for the brain
    Is it considered bad style to outbid oneself?

  7. Not in the least! $70 it is, and good luck with the snow.

  8. $75. I’m a sucker for a really good handmade book, and one with this backstory – ooh!

  9. $150

    (in words: onehundert and fifty dollars. which is, by coincidence, also my limit[1])

    [1]It’s almost 6am in the morning here. And I’m still awake with no sleep to get this book even though I have to be at work in about 2 hours and have an appointment at the dentists later today which will, positively, turn out to be a wild mixture of drug haze and pain. I am not writing this to gain any sympathy points, I just want to explain why I won’t take any chances. Because I really, really want to have this book. And this is why I go to my limit, just to be sure. Sorry if this is unsportmanslike.

  10. Good luck at the dentist’s, and no worries, you are totally allowed to bid your limit at the end! =>

  11. Dear h, as the person you outbid, I think this is awesome, and the very opposite of unsportsmanlike! So awesome, indeed, that I’m going to add a little bit extra onto the payment for the item elsewhere here that I *did* win, in celebration.

  12. Wow!

    Well, that’s a great way to wake up for the day!

    H, you are an angel.

    Also Lorna. I do like your reaction to being outbid!

  13. h times nue equals e

    @ Lorna

    Sorry, I was not able to write earlier. I am very glad you were able to celebrate your other win and I concur with Rosemary about your reaction, you are awesome!

    all the best

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