Wardrobe refresher by Ekaterina Sedia (three available)

Item Name & Description: Wardrobe Refresher

[Posted on behalf of the offeror.]

As some of you know, besides writing I enjoy fashion blogging, and am obsessive about following street style, finding new and strange places to shop, sustainable fashion, and vintage. And I love shopping for other people and making mood boards! So this is the offer: the winner will email me their needs and preferences as well as the budget, and in return you will get either a shopping list or a Pinterest board (your choice) of great items chosen from a variety of online retailers, from Etsy to indie boutiques to more mainstream retailers. I will custom-pick your pieces to suit your lifestyle, budgetary needs and ethical concerns, and in case of Pinterest board will also supplement it with styling suggestions and street style photos for inspiration. Whether you need a whole new wardrobe or just one thing for a special occasion, let me do the digging. All genders and sizes welcome!

Here is a pinterest board I did previously for someone who wanted some styling ideas on androgynous dressing and menswear, so it can give people some ideas regarding the end product.

Starting Bid: $50. Three available, top three consecutive bids win (edited for clarity 2013-02-23).

Bidding is now open and closes Sunday, February 24, 2013 at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time. More Information.

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