Reminder: May 15-25, request assistance for July-September cons (including Readercon)

Con or Bust, which helps fans of color/non-white fans attend SFF cons (about), will be accepting requests for assistance to attend cons beginning in July, August, or September 2013 from May 15-25, 2013.

These cons include Readercon (July 11-14, 2013, Burlington, MA, USA), which has donated three memberships to Con or Bust. Readercon is “devoted to “imaginative literature” — literary science fiction, fantasy, horror, and the unclassifiable works often called ‘slipstream'”; its guests of honor are Maureen F. McHugh & Patricia A. McKillip, and its memorial guest of honor is Roger Zelazny. (Your humble Con or Bust administrator is also planning to be there.)

Here’s how to request assistance. Please spread the word!

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