Reminder: nominate your favorite SFF character of color!

Nominations for the Con or Bust Face-Off, to be held tomorrow at WisCon’s Gathering and Carl Brandon Society party, are still being taken through 11:59 p.m. Eastern tonight! Name your favorite character of color from an SFF work in the form below. The characters with the most nominations will face off against each other in a bracket challenge that takes the classic geek pastime of arguing over which fictional character would win in a fight and melds it with fantasy sports. The Face-Off also introduces people who may not have encountered your favorites to new characters of color to explore.

(LJ users, click through to the original post or go straight to the Google Docs form.)

You can also browse the current nominations, but remember that the field will be narrowed based on total number of nominations—so if you haven’t nominated yet, be sure to even if your favorite characters are already on the list!


  1. Hey! Who won?! I totally forgot to vote at the Gathering. :(

  2. Unfortunately Lizbet came down with the flu and could not attend WisCon, and though the Gathering coordinator tried, no replacement could be found (I was stuck in . . . Detroit airport, probably, by that time). Alas! Next year.

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