An uncorrected proof of Benjamin Parzybok’s Sept. 2014 novel Sherwood Nation

Item Name & Description: In drought-stricken Portland, Oregon, a Robin Hood-esque water thief is caught on camera redistributing an illegal truckload of water to those in need. Nicknamed Maid Marian—real name: Renee, a 20-something barista and eternal part-time college student—she is an instant folk hero. Renee rides her swelling popularity and the public’s disgust at how the city has abandoned its people, raises an army . . . and secedes a quarter of the city.

Even as Maid Marian and her compatriots build their community one neighbor at a time, they are making powerful enemies amongst the city government and the National Guard. Sherwood is an idealistic dream too soon caught in a brutal fight for survival.

Sherwood Nation is the story of the rise and fall of a micronation within a city. It is a love story, a war story, a grand social experiment, a treatise on hacking and remaking government, on freedom and necessity, on individualism and community.

And, it is not out until September!

Benjamin Parzybok is the author of the novel Couch and has been the creator/co-creator of many other projects, includingGumball Poetry, The Black Magic Insurance Agency (city-wide, one night alternate reality game), and Project Hamad. He lives in Portland with the artist Laura Moulton and their two kids.

[Admin edit: in comments, the author offers to send the winner “the winner a lovely postcard, probably with a drawing or two, that may be used as the book’s bookmark.”]

Starting Bid: $5

Notes: US/Canada only

Bidding is now open; it closes Sunday, February 23, 2014 at 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time. More Information.


  1. In lieu of this book being signed, seeing as how it and I are not in the same place, I will sweeten this deal slightly by sending the winner a lovely postcard, probably with a drawing or two, that may be used as the book’s bookmark.

  2. $10

  3. $25. I’ll never look at a couch the same way again.

  4. Congrats/Thanks, Maria! Your address was forwarded on to me, and a postcard will be headed your way shortly.

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