Con or Bust: request assistance soon; Worldcon memberships; Invisible anthology

Hello, all. Three pieces of news for you today.


From May 15-25, Con or Bust will take requests for assistance from fans of color/non-white fans to attend all upcoming SFF cons. A list of cons for which specific assistance has been donated can be found at the Upcoming Cons page. Here’s how to request assistance.


Free memberships only to Loncon 3, the 2014 WorldCon, may be requested at any time (accompanying monetary assistance must be requested during May 15-25). Currently fifteen memberships remain available, so request away.

Further, thanks to a generous donation from Loncon, if you have an attending membership to Loncon 3 that you can’t use, you donate it to Con or Bust and can get a supporting membership in return (meaning, you keep your voting rights); Loncon will match the first twenty donated memberships. If you’d like to donate a membership, email with your membership number and some other non-public identifying information, such as your address, and state that you wish to transfer your membership to Con or Bust.


Earlier this year, Jim C. Hines hosted a number of blog posts about representation in SFF. You can still read them online, of course, but they’ve also been collected in an ebook titled Invisible, along with bonus essays and an introduction by Alex Dally MacFarlane. All proceeds from the ebook are being donated by Con or Bust. Find out more at Jim’s site.

Thank you for your support, and please spread the word!

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