Free SFF con memberships available now to fans of color/non-white fans!

If you’re a fan of color/non-white fan and interested to going to an SFF con in the next few months—or planning ahead for Kitacon, a UK anime/geek con in the summer, for which registration opens, and probably closes, on January 1—check out the list of cons below! Request memberships immediately, first-come first-served, through the Request Assistance page.

  • ConFusion, January 16-18, 2015, Detroit, MI, USA. ConFusion is a local/regional science fiction convention based in the Metro Detroit area. Its Guest of Honor is Karen Lord; its Science Guest of Honor is Dr. Cynthia Chestek; its Music Guest of Honor is Heather Dale; its Gaming Guests of Honor are Monte Cook and Shanna Germain; and its Fan Guest of Honor is Aaron Thul.

    ConFusion has donated one membership to Con or Bust, which must be claimed by December 31, 2014.

  • Arisia, January 16-19, 2015, Boston, MA, USA. Arisia is New England’s largest and most diverse science fiction and fantasy convention. Its Author Guest of Honor is N. K. Jemisin; its Artist Guest of Honor is Lee Moyer; and its Fan Guest of Honor is Colette H. Fozard.

    Arisia has donated two memberships to Con or Bust, of which one remains, and a hotel room, which has been claimed.

  • FOGcon, March 6-8, 2015, Walnut Creek, CA, USA. Friends of the Genre (FOGcon) is a literary-themed San Francisco Bay Area SF/F con in the tradition of Wiscon. Its 2015 theme is The Traveler and its Honored Guests are Kim Stanley Robinson and Catherynne M. Valente.

    FOGcon has donated two memberships to Con or Bust, of which one remains.

  • (new!) Escapade, March 6-8, 2015, Los Angeles, CA, USA. Escapade is a weekend-long con attended mostly but not exclusively by women, all of whom are slash fans of all fandoms and flavors. Attendance is capped at 150.

    Escapade has donated one membership to Con or Bust.

  • Chi-Fi, March 19-22, 2015, Chicago, IL, USA. Chi-Fi is a convention celebrating geekdom in downtown Chicago.

    Chi-Fi has donated thirty passes to Con or Bust.

  • (new!) Norwescon, April 2-5, 2015, SeaTac, WA, USA. Norwescon is the Pacific Northwest’s Premiere Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention and one of the largest regional Science Fiction and Fantasy conventions in the United States. Its Guests of Honor are George R. R. Martin (Author), Julie Dillon (Artist), Amy Mainzer (Science), and Random House (Spotlight Publisher).

    Norwescon has donated two memberships to Con or Bust.

  • (new!) Kitacon, July 31-August 2, 2015, Birmingham, UK. Kitacon is the UK’s largest residential anime/geek convention, and is entirely not-for-profit and fan-run.

    Kitacon has donated three tickets to Con or Bust. Those interested should request them from Con or Bust as soon as possible, because registration opens at noon GMT on January 1, 2015, and is likely to sell out within hours.

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