10 old Asimov’s issues with John M. Ford work

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Ten issues of Asimov’s containing early stories and articles by John M. Ford. Some of these have never been reprinted and those that have won’t be again, sadly.

10 old Asimov's issues with John M. Ford work


  • April 1979 with story “Double in Brass,” never reprinted
  • May 1979 with story “L’Envoi,” never reprinted
  • July 1979 with article “On Evenings Beyond the Fields we Know,” never reprinted (this is about how RPGs work)
  • September 1979 with story “The Adventure of the Solitary Engineer”
  • October 1979 with story “Mandalay”
  • July 1980 with story “Out of Service,” never reprinted
  • October 1980 with story “The Wheels of Dream,” never reprinted
  • November 1980 with story “Slowly By, Lorena”
  • December 1980 with article “On Playing Roles: A Third Look,” never reprinted (this is a review of some RPGs)
  • February 1981 with “On Opening Night at the Universe,” never reprinted (a review of the Cosmos TV show)

A few of these pieces were presumably not reprinted in Ford’s collections because they are not his strongest work. However, I think they’re still decent, and they are certainly interesting. I also suspect that the un-reprinted and obscurely-reprinted Alternities, Inc. stories, both included here, probably weren’t included in From the End of the Twentieth Century just to have more variety in the book. (“Slowly By, Lorena” was reprinted in an old Baen alt-hist anthology; I have it but I bet most people reading this don’t.)

The magazines are generally in decent shape. Some have mailing labels. They all have some wear. The only one with real damage is November 1980, which has a small tear to the cover and first few pages.

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