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free memberships to 11 cons in 3 countries, available now

Con or Bust currently has the following free memberships available, first-come first-serve, for fans of color/non-white fans:

  • Archipelacon, June 25-28, 2015, Mariehamn, Åland, Finland. Archipelacon is the Nordic SF & Fantasy convention (but its main language will be English). Its Guests of Honor are George R.R. Martin, Johanna Sinisalo, and Karin Tidbeck.

    Archipelacon has donated two memberships to Con or Bust.

  • Pi-Con, July 31-August 2, 2015, Windsor Locks, CT, USA. Pi-Con is “the friendliest little convention in New England”; its Guest of Honor is Tanya Huff and its Guest of Awesome is Vikki Ciaffone.

    Pi-Con has donated six memberships to Con or Bust.

  • Nine Worlds, 7-9 August 2015, London, UK. Nine Worlds is about gaming, film, cosplay, fandom, literature, science, geek culture, meeting people and having a really big party.

    Nine Worlds has donated twenty (20) passes to Con or Bust, to be claimed by 1 August, of which 15 remain.

  • BristolCon, September 26th 2015, Bristol, UK. BristolCon is a fun, friendly and informative one-day con. Its Guests of Honour in 2015 will be writers Jasper Fforde and Jaine Fenn, with a possible artist GoH to be confirmed.

    BristolCon has donated two memberships to Con or Bust, which should be claimed by the end of August.

  • Sirens, October 8–11, 2015, Denver, CO, USA. Sirens is a conference dedicated to the remarkable women of fantasy literature: readers, authors, publishing professionals, scholars, educators, librarians, and even characters. Its Guests of Honor are Rae Carson, Kate Elliott, and Yoon Ha Lee, and its theme is rebels and revolutionaries.

    Sirens has donated three registrations and shuttle tickets to Con or Bust, (edit) which have all been claimed. In addition, an individual has donated another registration & shuttle ticket. These should be claimed by September 12, the registration deadline.

  • JOFCon MSP, October 9-11, 2015, Minneapolis, MN, USA. JOFs are Journeymen of Fandom, including Journeywomen, Journeypersons, Journeybots, Journeyfolk, Journeyfen, Journeyworkers, & Journeyplatypi. All are welcome, so long as they’re interested in learning more about fanac (“fannish activities”).

    JOFCon has donated two memberships to Con or Bust.

  • Maneki Neko Con, October 9-11, 2015, Matteson, IL, USA. Maneki Neko Con is an all-ages science fiction, fantasy, anime, gaming, comics, and miscellaneous geeky fandom convention in Chicago’s south suburbs.

    Maneki Neko Con has donated two memberships to Con or Bust.

  • Octocon, October 9-11, Dublin, Ireland. Octocon is the National Irish Science Fiction Convention. Its Guests of Honor this year are Maura McHugh and Emma Newman.

    Octocon has donated two memberships to Con or Bust, of which one remains.

  • GeekGirlCon, October 10-11, 2015, Seattle, WA, USA. GeekGirlCon celebrates and honors the legacy of women contributing to science and technology; comics, arts, and literature; and game play and game design by connecting geeky women world-wide and creating community to foster continued growth of women in geek culture through events.

    GeekGirlCon has donated six passes to Con or Bust.

  • Wincon, October 15-18, 2015, Pittsburgh, PA, USA. Wincon’s mission is to bring together a diverse group of internet-based media fans in an inclusive environment to engage in fannish activities and foster meaningful connections. It aims to provide programming created and led by attendees, on topics drawn from a variety of sources and involving everything from detailed meta to wildly creative fanworks, encompassing all aspects of fandom culture.

    Wincon has donated ten memberships to Con or Bust.

  • Arcana, October 23-25, 2015, St. Paul, MN, USA. Arcana is a small horror/dark fantasy con; its Guest of Honor is Catherine Lundoff.

    Ms. Lundoff has offered to donate one membership to Arcana.

Go to the Request Assistance page to claim a membership, and please spread the word!

Happy Puppies fundraiser at John Scalzi’s blog

Through Sunday, June 7 (11:59pm Eastern time), John Scalzi will donate $1 for every picture of your happy pup posted over at his blog. If you have a dog, go post a picture! If you don’t, or if you just need a happy-dog pick-me-up, go enjoy the thread!

Many thanks to John, and to all who’ve already posted and spread the word. And as a reminder, Con or Bust currently has a whole lot of free memberships available for fans of color/non-white fans, so check it out!

23 free memberships to Sasquan, this year’s WorldCon

Fans of color/non-white fans: thanks to the incredible generosity of a private donor, Con or Bust has available twenty-three (23) free attending memberships to Sasquan (August 19-23, 2015, Spokane, WA, USA). Sasquan is the 73rd World Science Fiction Convention (WorldCon). Its guests of honor are Brad Foster, David Gerrold, Vonda N. McIntyre, Tom Smith, and Leslie Turek.

These are first-come first-served and must be claimed in time for the recipients to make the August 2 pre-registration deadline; please go to the Request Assistance page to learn how. And please spread the word!


Au Contraire 2016 (New Zealand) free membership, available soon

For those planning ahead, I’m pleased to announce what I believe is Con or Bust’s first donation from a Southern Hemisphere con: Au Contraire 2016, 3-5 June, 2016, Wellington, New Zealand. Au Contraire is the 37th National Science Fiction & Fantasy Convention for New Zealand (NatCon for short). Its Guests include Stephanie Paul (Iron Sky), Martin Wallace (Treefrog Games), and A.J. Fitzwater.

Au Contraire has donated one membership to Con or Bust. Fans of color/non-white fans can request it during the next request assistance period, August 15-25; see the Request Assistance page for more information.

And for the other memberships to be available in August, and lots available right this minute, check out the Upcoming Cons page. Thanks, and please spread the word!

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