23 free memberships to Sasquan, this year’s WorldCon

Fans of color/non-white fans: thanks to the incredible generosity of a private donor, Con or Bust has available twenty-three (23) free attending memberships to Sasquan (August 19-23, 2015, Spokane, WA, USA). Sasquan is the 73rd World Science Fiction Convention (WorldCon). Its guests of honor are Brad Foster, David Gerrold, Vonda N. McIntyre, Tom Smith, and Leslie Turek.

These are first-come first-served and must be claimed in time for the recipients to make the August 2 pre-registration deadline; please go to the Request Assistance page to learn how. And please spread the word!


  1. Can these be converted to supporting memberships in the event that someone can’t afford the travel/lodging/etc.?

  2. Alas, no, for the reasons stated here in addition to the fact that it was not the donor’s intent.

    We are highly, highly unlikely to run out, so don’t feel in a rush, though.

  3. Isabel.Schechter

    If we already have a Supporting membership and get one of these donated Attending memberships, will the convention let us transfer our Supporting membership to someone else? (I thinking it’s important b/c of the Hugo voting/nominating rights that come w/the membership)

  4. Because the donor is donating the cost not actual memberships, I’d just have you upgrade your supporting membership.

  5. Isabel.Schechter

    Because the next request for assistance period does not open until open August 15, which is only 4 days before the convention, is there any way for folks who will require $ assistance in order to attend apply before the request period?

    I’m assuming that an earlier opening date would cause admin or other issues, so I understand it it can’t be done, but I’m asking so that we’ve thought of everything when people start asking questions, or don’t think they can attend because of the current request period start date and so don’t even look into it.

  6. Perfectly reasonable question! I know it’s last minute, which reduces the pool of people who will be able to use these, but unfortunately, it wouldn’t be fair to people who want to go to other cons to open up a request-for-assistance period now. Thanks for checking.

  7. Hi, Kate! I submitted my application yesterday and was wondering how good my chances of getting a membership are. Have you been bombarded with responses? Keeping my fingers crossed because I was agonizing over going since I live so close by, but $210 is a hefty extra expense for someone on my budget… ^^;;;

  8. Su, I failed at email, check yours now!

  9. Kate, you’re amazing!! Thank you so much! Replying to your email right now!!

  10. If you are non-African Cuban or non-African Puerto Rican, do you qualify? Thank you! :)

  11. It’s too late for these, because preregistration is over! Feel free to email me ( knepveu@steelypips.org ) if you want to talk about this generally though.

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