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Diversicon membership immediately available

Con or Bust has a free membership available for a fan of color/non-white fan to Diversicon 23, July 24-26, 2015, Saint Paul, MN, USA. Diversicon provides great panels, discussions, readings and a really fun auction with a strong literate focus. Its Guest of Honor is Ytasha L. Womack and its Special Guest is Rob Callahan.

This membership was donated by an individual in Ytasha L. Womack’s honor; it was previously claimed but the recipient had a change of plans, so is available again.

another membership to Sirens available

Fans of color/non-white fans: Con or Bust has available now, first-come first-serve, a free registration and shuttle ticket to Sirens, October 8–11, 2015, Denver, CO, USA. Sirens is a conference dedicated to the remarkable women of fantasy literature: readers, authors, publishing professionals, scholars, educators, librarians, and even characters. Its Guests of Honor are Rae Carson, Kate Elliott, and Yoon Ha Lee, and its theme is rebels and revolutionaries.

This registration and shuttle ticket has been donated by an individual; the con itself previously donated three registrations & tickets, which are no longer available. This should be claimed by September 12, the registration deadline. Go to the Request Assistance page to learn how to request the membership (and check out the Upcoming Cons page for more cons with free memberships available right now!).

free memberships to Myths and Legends Convention (and many more)

Con or Bust has free memberships available, first-come first-serve, for fans of color/non-white fans to the following new con:

  • Myths and Legends Convention (MALCon), August 14 – 16, 2015, Denver, CO, USA. Myths and Legends Convention celebrates our modern myths and legends; the focus in 2015 is on Firefly, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Supernatural, Lord of the Rings, and Game of Thrones. Guests include Keith DiCandido, Brian of Draco and the Malfoys, Stant Litore, Pandora Celtica, Tomas O’Dreams, Kilted Man, Quincy Allen, and Vivian Trask.

    MALCon has donated three weekend tickets to Con or Bust, which should be claimed by August 7.

Behind the cut are allllllll the other cons that fans of color/non-white fans can get free memberships to right now. Check out the Upcoming Cons page for the complete, most up-to-date list, and claim them from using the form linked on the Request Assistance page!

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Free membership to be available to Satellite 5 (and many more!)

Fans of color/non-white fans: during Con or Bust’s next request assistance period, August 15-25, you can request monetary assistance to attend upcoming SFF cons, and free memberships to cons a bit further in the future—such as this one:

  • Satellite 5, 28th – 29th May 2016, Glasgow, Scotland, UK. Satellite focusses on the interface between science fact and science fiction; Satellite 5 heads back into orbit to look at science and SF relating to space stations, orbiting habitats, floating cities etc. The Guest of Honor is Jaine Fenn.

    Satellite has donated one membership to Con or Bust.

Many more cons have donated memberships that can be requested in August; for your planning purposes, they’re behind the cut, but you can always find the full and up-to-date list of at the Upcoming Cons, and you can find out how to request them at the Request Assistance page! (For con memberships available now, also see the Upcoming Cons page!)

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