donation drive: John Scalzi parody audiobook

As John Scalzi has just announced, if a total of $2,500 is donated to Con or Bust between now and 11:59 p.m. (Eastern) Sunday, August 30, 2015 (here’s a countdown), he will make an audio version of John Scalzi Is Not A Very Popular Author And I Myself Am Quite Popular: How SJWs Always Lie About Our Comparative Popularity Levels, which is a parody of another book that we shall not link to here. John will also match the first $500 in donations.

Update: John’s announced some stretch goals if the drive reaches $10,000; check out the announcement post above. August 29: stretch goal reached! Thank you so much, everyone. I’m more grateful than I can say for the outpouring of support, which will make a huge difference to Con or Bust’s ability to help fans of color attend SFF cons in the coming months. John will be putting the audiobook up at his site in a few minutes; I will be sending acknowledgment emails to donors later today, as I have to head away from the computer for the afternoon. Thank you again!

To donate, click the big yellow-orange button below. You can use either a credit card or a PayPal account; to use a credit card, after you click the button below, click “Continue” on the left side of the screen, above the credit card logos.

The Carl Brandon Society, Con or Bust’s financial agent, is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, and therefore donations to Con or Bust are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. All donations will help fans of color/non-white fans attend SFF cons. (Update August 28, 2015: it has been brought to my attention that the CBS’s IRS status may not be current. I am looking into this. Please rest assured that regardless, 100% of all donations go directly to paying the expenses of fans of color who attend SFF cons; all administrative expenses, such as postage, web hosting, and PayPal fees, are donated by me or by the Carl Brandon Society.)

If you can’t donate right now, please consider spreading the word—not only about this donation drive, but about the many upcoming cons to which free memberships are available this very minute! And thanks for your help and support.

Update: the total for this fundraiser was $11,840.92, from about 380 people. Thank you so much, I’m staggered by your generosity.


  1. Just donated seven bucks, but forgot to add: donation for the Scalzi audiobook.

  2. Any chance of a progress bar on donations through this drive?

  3. G., don’t worry, I got it!

    DavidK44, it’s just me putting PayPal emails in a spreadsheet, but later this morning I’ll do an update, after I get all the ordinary non-delayable business of living out of the way. =>

  4. Periodic updates work just as well! Thanks!

  5. DavidK44, sorry for the delay, I was waiting on John to announce a stretch goal: his original post has an update.

  6. Kate, has Con or Bust given any “help,” financial or other (to include donated admissions), to the person known as Alexandra Erin?

    Did she represent herself as, and/or do you consider her a Person of Color?

    Thank you for being above board and transparent.

  7. As it
    says on the request assistance page, all assistance is confidential with exceptions that do not apply here.

    You were kicked out of Scalzi’s site for concern trolling, which I saw before he deleted you; you are on thin ice here.

  8. No problem, Kate. The truth is known and will be conveyed to the IRS.

  9. You are entirely ignorant and I pity the poor government employee whose time you are going to waste. Goodbye.

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