2016 auction final report

Apologies for the long radio silence, everyone; the period after the auction was ludicrously busy (and I’m still not dug out entirely, alas). I’m bringing you a series of updates today, however, starting with the auction final report.

I am pleased to announce that the final total of pledged bids in the 2016 auction was $10,948.00. This may drop slightly over the next couple of days, as there are still a few payments outstanding–if you haven’t heard from me yet, please check your spam folder or comment here, because I sent emails earlier this week informing everyone who hadn’t paid yet that this week was their last chance! Additional donations, including the matching donation, totaled about $2,200, bringing the total to approximately $13,150.

If you by chance haven’t paid yet, please see this post for what to do next; and if you have any questions or concerns, please comment or email me at katenepveu@con-or-bust.org!

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