Author: Fran Wilde

Help Name a Gem, or….

Item Name and Description:

This is slightly unusual, so a choice:

The winner of this auction gets to help name a Gem Universe gem — aka those very bad gems from Nebula- and Hugo- nominated The Jewel & Her Lapidary like the Star Cabochon, the Death Astrion, and The Steadfast Diamond, as well as the short story “The Topaz Marquis.”

There will be more of these stories and your named gem could play a not insignificant role in how things turn out…

No gemologist’s license required, just your creative flair.

– or –

a 10-page manuscript critique.

Starting Bid: $20.00

Shipping: not applicable

Other Notes: Critique period will be at the discretion of and agreement between Fran Wilde and the auction winner.

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