Author: Katharine Kerr

Come to Deverry — as a villain

Item Name and Description:

I’m offering a tuckerization  in the new Deverry novel, SWORD OF FIRE.  Would you like to be a nasty nobleperson in a world that’s changing for the better? Better for those you despise, that is — those pesky commoners are demanding more rights and a say in the government! How dare they?  You will part of a cabal that would rather not see this happen, and you’re willing to use violence if you must to stop them.  Your character may be male or female, may look like you or not, your choice.  The book will be published  some time next year by DAW in the United States and by HarperCollins in the UK.

Starting Bid: 50 dollars American

Shipping: not applicable

Other Notes: none

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