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Thanks for offering something in Con or Bust's auction! Please see the main auction page for more information about filling out this form.
  • Will not be displayed.
  • This will be used in the auction index. If an artistic work is being offered, please include the artist's name in the post title.
  • State here what you're offering and give a description; you can include pictures below. HTML is okay, or I'll convert links for you if you just paste them in.
  • Please list the minimum price you're willing to offer for.
  • Please list where you're willing to ship physical items, or write "not applicable" if no items need to be shipped.
  • Optional: provide any other relevant information, such as how long it will take to deliver.
  • So that Con or Bust, Inc., can send out proper donation receipts, please provide a good-faith estimate of the fair market value of this item. THIS WILL NOT BE DISPLAYED IN THE POST.
  • Select the picture or pictures you'd like to include in your post, then click "Start Upload."
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