Support Con or Bust

This page lists the ways you can support Con or Bust: spread the word; participate in the auction; donate money; donate con memberships or other non-monetary support; or buy a T-shirt. One hundred percent of all monetary donations are provided directly to fans of color/non-white fans to help them attend SFF cons; all administrative expenses are donated by Kate Nepveu or the Carl Brandon Society, and everyone working on Con or Bust volunteers their time.

(August 30, 2015: if you need information about the tax-deductibility of contributions to Con or Bust, please see the bottom of this page.)

Spread the Word

The simplest thing you can do to support Con or Bust is to tell people that it exists, that it helps fans of color/non-white fans attend SFF cons, and that it’s funded solely through donations and its annual online auction. Links to the about page are terrific.

Participate in the Auction

If it’s April or May, you can participate in the annual online auction by submitting something to be auctioned or by bidding.

Donate Money

At any time, you can donate money, either as a simple donation or to pay for an auction item. You can use either a credit card or a PayPal account; to use a credit card, after you click the button below, click “Continue” on the left side of the screen, above the credit card logos.

On the “review your donation” screen, please click “Add special instructions to the seller” (in small letters underneath “Purpose” and “Con or Bust – Carl Brandon Society”) and indicate whether this is a donation, payment for an auction item, or payment for something else. If it’s an auction item, also specify the seller & item.

Donate Con Memberships etc.

And at any time, you can donate con memberships or other non-monetary support, either as an individual or on behalf of a con. Please email

Buy a T-Shirt

Finally, you can buy a T-shirt by mail. Shirts are now $15 each with US shipping included (please email me to arrange shipping elsewhere). Please be sure to note the size, color, and any mailing instructions in the “Add special instructions to the seller” field in PayPal.

Crew-neck shirts are available in red or green (“forest”), in sizes S-3XL (size information), except that I am out of XXL in red:

maroon T-shirt with dinocorn logo

V-neck fitted T-shirts are available in purple in sizes M-2XL (size information):

purple T-shirt with dinocorn logo

Tax-Deductiblity of Donations

I administer Con or Bust as a project of the Carl Brandon Society, which is a not-for-profit organization. In August 2015, as discussed in more detail in this blog post, I learned that the Carl Brandon Society’s tax-exempt (501(c)(3)) status with the IRS had been automatically revoked. I apologize unreservedly for inadvertently misleading donors to Con or Bust. The Carl Brandon Society will be applying for retroactive reinstatement of its tax-exempt status soon and expects to be reinstated with no difficulty. If granted, this means that the Carl Brandon Society will be considered to have been a tax-exempt organization all along, with no break in its status.

If you’ve donated money to Con or Bust since August 2013, and you would like to be updated on the Carl Brandon Society’s reinstatement application, please email with “tax status” in the Subject. I will add you to a mailing list that has the sole purpose of updating people on the CBS’s tax status. (No spam!) This information is now also in the thank-you emails to donors. Unfortunately, if you’ve listed contributions to the Carl Brandon Society as itemized deductions on your tax returns in the past, either because you donated to Con or Bust or donated to support one of the CBS’s other projects, I cannot advise you on what, if any, steps you should take; please consult an appropriate professional.

As noted above, 100% of all monetary donations are directly provided to fans of color to help them attend SFF cons; all administrative expenses are donated. I apologize again for inadvertently misleading donors, and thank you all for your support over the years: I will continue to do everything I can to run Con or Bust in a manner worthy of that support.

Last updated August 30, 2015.